History of Tootsie Roll Company

Jerry Kurowski's History of the Tootsie Roll Drive


I was in Council 6521, St. Dominic, in Bolingbrook for over 20 years and got introduced to the Tootsie Roll drive in October of 1980. That first year my wife and I worked the Jewel store in Romeoville. I have many stories to share over all the years like the time we found an engagement ring in the can with the money. The lady called Village Hall and said it might have slipped of when she made a donation. The village gave her the number of our Grand Knight and she called him and got her engagement ring back.
When I asked Jim Koller if he wanted me to present a History of the Tootsie Roll Drive at our next open meeting he said sure, check with Bob Purpura. Bob said sure and maybe I should include a history of the Tootsie Roll. So I will start out with that brief history.

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